Let's get sh*t done!

Join the 8-week Coaching Program designed for building CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and ACCOUNTABILITY!

What if you Had...


Gain profound insights into what motivates you and scares the sh*t out of you, paving the way for a clearer path toward achieving your goals.


Are you ready to be unstoppable? Confidence is the fuel that propels you overcome obstacles and empowers you to
Get Sh*t Done.


Learn to take charge, set milestones, and achieve your goals with unwavering support and guidance through 1:1 coaching.

Here's what you'll Gain:

Emerge with a well-defined sense of purpose and the unwavering determination to follow through. You’ll gain self-assurance and the power to make things happen. Your ambitions will no longer be distant dreams but your daily reality. This coaching journey is your key to unlocking your potential, overcoming internal barriers, and getting sh*t done like never before.

oh, hey there,

I'm Amanda Crose!

I’m a COACHLEADER, and FOUNDING MEMBER of the Get Sh*t Done Club! 

I see UNLIMITED possibilities everywhere, especially in people. 

I’m a firm believer that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE, and that an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE is life-changing.

I’m on a mission to lead others to believe in THEMSELVES, accomplish their audacious GOALS, live AUTHENTICALLY, and have some FUN!

are you ready to become unstoppable and get sh*t done?