oh, hey there,

I'm amanda crose!

I’m a COACHLEADER, and FOUNDING MEMBER of the Get Sh*t Done Club! 

I see UNLIMITED possibilities everywhere, especially in people.

I’m a firm believer that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE, and that an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE is life-changing.

I’m on a mission to lead others to believe in THEMSELVES, accomplish their audacious GOALS, live AUTHENTICALLY, and have some FUN!

I'm passionate about two things:

Cultivating Confidence

Before becoming a leadership coach, I crammed a 30-year career in education into a decade. I began by teaching at-risk students to read, where I noticed a common theme: a lack of confidence. While I was trained in developing early literacy skills, I quickly realized that teaching kids to read required more than just those skills. It involved building their confidence, creating a safe space for risk-taking, celebrating even the smallest successes, and setting challenging yet attainable goals. Teaching reading became as much about fostering self-efficacy as it was about reading techniques.

Self-efficacy, defined by Albert Bandura as an individual’s belief in their ability to execute the actions required to achieve specific goals, has been a central theme throughout my career. Whether you’re 5, 15, 25, or 55, you’ve likely experienced moments of self-doubt. It’s human nature.

However, frequent self-doubt can disrupt both personal and professional lives. It leads to questioning your capabilities, expecting failure, and ultimately becoming your own biggest obstacle, which undermines motivation, performance, and success. Does this sound familiar?

Understanding People

Through my leadership experiences and studies, I quickly learned that expecting everyone to think, feel, and behave like me only led to frustration and failure. To better understand myself and those I was leading, I discovered the Enneagram.

Having studied various personality and strengths-based assessments, I always felt something was missing until I found the Enneagram. It not only helped me understand myself better but also improved my ability to communicate with, support, and develop others. The Enneagram has taught me to consider others’ worldviews, motivations, fears, and more. It’s made me a better leader, friend, partner, and overall human. 

Because the Enneagram had such a significant impact on my leadership, I now use it to develop leaders and teams, break down communication barriers, and help people understand themselves better, so they can understand others better too.

Some fun facts



Virtuous Cycle: a positive feedback loop where each success you achieve enhances your skills and confidence, leading to the acquisition of more resources and opportunities. This, in turn, empowers you to attain even greater successes, continually elevating your potential and effectiveness.

I first discovered the magic of a virtuous cycle early in my career while coaching K-12 teachers to enhance their teaching practices and accelerate student learning. I was often amazed at how these teachers would take my feedback and turn it into something even more valuable for their students before our next session. They’d try out my suggestions, witness their students’ success, and, in turn, gain new skills and confidence to keep the momentum going.

As the founder of Virtuous Cycle Coaching, I’ve built a coaching philosophy rooted in the belief that success isn’t just a one-time achievement—it’s an ongoing journey of growth and development. My aim isn’t just to help you set and reach goals; it’s to help you cultivate a mindset that ensures your progress is continuous and self-reinforcing. It’s about sparking a ripple effect of positive change that touches every corner of your life.

Let’s connect and explore how Virtuous Cycle Coaching can help support you!

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